Terms which Every Small Business Should Know

If you run a business or planning to open one, the top priority should be to adopt most efficient solutions to make your telecommunication services successful. Here are several common hosted PBX or internet phone terms you should know as a business owner.

Session Initiation Protocol is used as the protocol for the VoIP as well as some other multimedia and text data, which include (but are not bound to) video and text messaging and internet games. This can be compared with the SMTP or the HTTP web protocol.

DID (Direct Inward Dialing) is used in association with the PBX systems that the client has. This allows the telecommunications provider to set of telecom process management to the client’s PBX. When the PBX receives a call, the caller’s dialed number will also be provided. In turn, the PBX technology can redirect a call to a person within the company.
TCP/IP – Transmission Control Protocol/Internet protocol
These are among the earliest identified telecom self care protocols. This integrates with today’s Internet and Local Area Network (LAN) system. It aids in linking networks in a single server.

Bandwidth is the maximum rate of data transfer of an internet connection or a network. This telecom real-time billing that amount of data that can be conveyed over a particular connection vessel in a given time.

This is a gadget that identifies the specific travel path of the information among several networks, and then forwards the data to another device connected in the path. A router links networks such as LAN-to-WAN together to obtain telecom managed services.