Internet of Things ‘picking up’ in the Saudi Arabia

With the Middle East’s IoT market growth outpacing the global oss transformation, the region’s IoT hardware and services revenues will reach nearly $2 billion in 2015, according to a report.

New research conducted by the International Data Corporation (IDC) indicates that the popularity of Internet of Things applications are growing across Saudi oss managed services, driven by the increasing number of IoT offerings from telecoms companies and system integrators.

Security and monitoring, smart grid, and smart traffic are some of the emerging applications expected to become more widespread across the kingdom over the next few years.

The senior research analyst for telecommunications and networking at IDC Saudi Arabia, said: “Organisations across a number of verticals in Saudi Arabia are intensifying their efforts to implement the latest network resource management solutions in a bid to improve operational efficiencies and enhance the customer/citizen services they provide. “At the same time, the share of M2M and Internet of Things applications within the ICT ecosystem is growing. While most of the applications are essentially M2M based, IoT solutions are increasingly being applied, particularly in Smart City projects.”

Aiding Internet of Things development in Saudi Arabia, is the fixed and network configuration management across the country, enabling telecoms companies to offer M2M/IoT services. Adopting an aggressive Internet of Things approach, the analyst concluded by saying that the IDC recommends that telcos in the country should pioneer smart project initiatives and drive the development of new solutions.